Worship is our main response to the love God shows us in Jesus Christ. Our church worships in a way that is traditional and rooted in Christian history. This is not because we are obsessed with the past, but because we believe that our worship is intimately connected to the worship of Christians of every time and place. Although our worship pattern is ancient, our music, prayers, and other elements of worship come from a variety of periods and styles. 

Every Sunday morning we observe the fourfold pattern of worship: 

Gathering - We come together in confession and to hear God's forgiveness. We gather with prayer and song.

Word - God speaks to us in readings from Scripture, a sermon, and song.

Meal - We celebrate Holy Communion in response to Jesus' command to do so. We are fed with the presence of Christ in bread and wine.

Sending - God blesses us and we go out in the world to serve.